My Sages of Magic
Doug Leonard
Jay Scott Berry
Martin Lewis
Jeff McBride
Anthony Miller
Shawn Farquhar
David Williamson
Aldo Colombini
Norm Nielsen
Dan Harlan
Michal Ammar
Duane Laflin
Barrie Richardson
Ken Garr
Johnny Thompson
John Carney
Matthew Gauerke
Lee Asher
John Born
Tyler Wilson
John Luka
Tim Hannig
Tom Burgoon
Aaron Fisher
Rick Maue
Arthur Stead
Eric Jones
Asi Wind
Gregory Wilson
David Roth
Oscar Munoz
Troy Hooser
Tim Ellis & Sue Ann Webster
Tom Craven
Ken Scott
Johnny "Ace" Palmer
Sean Bogunia
Ed Ellis
Tom Jones
Rachael Wild
Whit Haydn
Michael Close
Danny Archer
Paul Green
Joshua Jay
"Chuck" Levy
Justin Miller
Dr. Brett Senor
Harold D. Russell
Andi Gladwin
Bill Gladwell
John Lovick
Thom Peterson
Mark Mason
Daniel Garcia
Arthur Trace
Jon Williams
Francis Menotti
Too many times people come and go in and out of our lives. We often take
these encounters for granted and just go on. I would like to acknowledge all of
"my sages of magic" that helped to shape me and my presentation of the art.
All of the people listed I have personally met in a learning environment.
Thank you for sharing your vision and wisdom with me.
Gene Anderson
Karl Norman
Petrick & Mia
Jay Sankey
Paul Wild
Jamy Ian Swiss
Henry Evans
Dan Garrett
Mike Powers
Boris Wild
Tim Buss
Carroll Baker
Eugene Burger
Bill Jarvis
Jimmy "Cards" Molinari
Howie Schwarzman
Rich Bloch
Paul Gertner
Terry Elton
Michael Finney
Michael P. Lair
Paul Cummins
John Pyka
Murray Hatfield
Scott Francis
Andrew Goldenhersh
Geoff Williams
Chris "Doc" Dixon
Joanie Spina
David Acer