Welcome to Leonard's Mystery Players
Presenting...Murder they wrote.
Who are Leonard's Mystery Players?
They are a group of interactive, fun,
musical and magical friends who make
your party the most memorial event ever!
What are Leonard's Mystery Players?
With over 20 years experience,they
coordinate a live game of "Clue". The
shows are designed for all to participate!
For more information or to book
a party, contact Geri Leonard at:
2017 Schedule

January 21 The White Oak Inn "The Lounge Singers Convention"
February 25 The White Oak Inn "The Knights of the Octagon Table"
March 4 The White Oak Inn "The Appalachian Family Reunion"
March 11 The White Oak Inn Private Party "Class Reunion"
March 25 The White Oak Inn "Meeting of the Unemployed Superheros"
April 8 The White Oak Inn "Murder at the Speakeasy"
April 21 Rockside Winery "Appalachian Family Reunion"
April 29 Wyandotte Winery
June 17 Private Party for Richland Bank "Class Reunion"

July 7 Rockside Winery "The Lounge Singers Convention" 7pm

July 29 Wyandotte Winery
November 11 Wyandotte Winery