Welcome to one of the Greatest shows on Earth...
Brief Background History:

1972-----Inherited my love for the art of magic from my Father who performed for area schools.

1978-----Sang in the Columbus South High School Concert Choir.

1979-----Became a concert soloist for the Chamber Ensemble of West Liberty State College.

1980-----Sang and performed magic at the opening of the Southside Settlement House in Columbus, Ohio.

1980-92-Sang and danced in; "Vaud-Villities" in Columbus, Ohio.

1991-----Performed for residents at the North Columbus Jaycees Retirement Village Christmas party.

1992-96-Performed a "One Man Variety Show" at the South Y Bowling League banquet in Columbus, Ohio.

1994-98-Sang at the Frazeysburg, Ohio ice cream social.

1995-----Performed variety show for the BBS Corporation company Christmas party.

1997-----Started to perform for Roscoe Inn's Murder Mysteries. Now a charter performer of the "Sleuth           
                    Mystery Players"

1999-----Inducted into the International Magicians Society.

1999-----Became a vocal member of The Coshocton Community Choir

2000-----Became an associate member of the Society of American Magicians.

2000-----Acted in Coshocton Footlight Players productions.

2000----Became the "House Magician" at The Sportzone Restaurant.

2001-----Became a member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

2008-----Performed for the Longaberger Basket Bee at Nationwide Arena.

2010-----Nominated for a "Houdini Award" in Stage, Close-up and Cabaret Magic

2010-----Became a member of OAPN

2011-----Award winning Stage Act Columbus Magi-Fest

2012----Silver Honors Award Winner for July

Over the years I have performed countless musical solos in area churches.  I have also performed
numerous magic shows, clown acts and the ever popular face painting at festivals, schools and parties.
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